Left: Ed McAssey sampling Scaevola taccada in Hawaiʻi; Center: Ed McAssey standing next to a Joshua Tree; Upper Right: Ed McAssey performing acid titrations inside a lab; Lower Right: Ed McAssey standing between two wild sunflowers. One of the sunflowers is tall, the other is short.

About me:

I am an Assistant Professor-in-Residence in the Ecology and Evolutionary Biology department at the University of Connecticut. I am broadly interested in how plants adapt to variable and changing environments. I’ve approached this question using common gardens, population genomics, and comparative genomics in wild sunflowers, and more recently, plants in the genus Yucca. To complement this work, I’ve been working with Karolina Heyduk on understanding the impacts of hybridization in Yucca speciation by conducting research in molecular evolution, genome analyses, and plant physiology. These research interests inspire, inform, and develop my teaching in Ecology and Evolution.

Ed McAssey, Ph.D.

Phone: TBD
Address: 75 North Eagleville Road
Unit 3043
Storrs, CT 06269